Sky Ocean Blue Wallpaper

129,90  / m²

Here is the perfect wallpaper for dreamers who love to rock in the clouds. Sometimes unheard of things happen under the blue dome of the sky, and the world turns out to be full of fascinating objects, beings and accoutrements! Our flying balloons are accompanied by large ships, which in turn are accompanied by white swans floating sweet cetaceans. It is worth at least for a moment to go where dreams will carry you! Thanks to such wallpaper, children’s four corners will become special: full of magic, fantasy and romance.

For the photo we thank Ms. Wioleta – @wioletacelinskamyslaw


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Total Area (sq m)
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    Sizes of individual elements – large pattern:

    ★ swan holding a cetacean – 39cm x 33cm
    ★ flying balloon larger – 18cm x 25cm
    ★ large ship including wave – 28cm x 48cm
    ★ flying swans – largest 10cm x 7cm

    Sizes of individual elements – small pattern:

    ★ swan holding a cetacean – 19cm x 17cm
    ★ flying balloon larger – 9cm x 12.5cm
    ★ large ship including wave – 14cm x 24cm
    ★ flying swans – largest 5cm x 3.5cm


    We prepare the wallpaper in our own small print shop after receiving the order. This allows us to directly control the quality and shorten the delivery time – we ship the ordered products within 3-6 business days as a standard, although we often realize much faster.


    Fleece wallpaper

    Fleece wallpaper is made on the highest quality matte material made on the basis of interlining and cellulose. The wallpaper is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene and is free of PVC, heavy metals and solvents. The cellulose that was used to manufacture the product is FSC certified. The wallpaper has a certificate of non-combustibility, and complies with the requirements of the European Union (CE marking). It is 100 percent safe for children.

    Wallpaper on polyester fabric

    Wallpaper on polyester fabric is the highest quality material, complying with the requirements of the European Union, meeting many ISO standards. The wallpaper does not contain PVC, which is harmful to health and the environment, is odorless and safe for use in children’s rooms. Because it has a canvass structure, it is very easy to clean (washable). Its most important features are: vapor permeability, simplicity of application, intensity of color.

    What is the difference between fleece wallpaper and wallpaper on polyester fabric?

    Fleece wallpaper is a 100% natural product, ecological by its natural properties – it gently falls into beige (the colors of the wallpaper are very slightly dimmed), is suitable for gentle cleaning, is odorless, has a certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene. It is smooth and matte.

    Polyester wallpaper is a synthetic product, but does not contain harmful PVC. It has a high white index, so the color reproduction is at a high level. In case of dirt, it is cleanable and odorless. The polyester wallpaper has a canvass texture.

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