Polar Cosmos Wallpaper – beige

129,90  / m²

The Polar Cosmos wallpaper will allow you to create an interior… from out of this world! It depicts animals that spend their holidays among the stars and distant planets. Rumour has it that they had borrowed the magic carpet from Aladdin himself to get there! Anyway, we are sure that it will stimulate the imagination of your little ones and encourage them to discover the mysteries of the cosmos.


The wallpaper with a galactic motif will create a wonderful atmosphere in Scandinavian, vintage, or rustic interiors. To put it simply: everywhere, just choose a comfortable cot and atmospheric lighting to complete the whole. If you want to co-create a wonderful story full of magic and glamour together with your child, this wallpaper can soon be your inspiration in your home.

Thank you @kinga_guzikowska for the gorgeous photos featuring our wallpaper!

Sizes of individual elements – large pattern:

★ polar bear with balloons smaller – 15cm x 36cm

★ polar bear with balloons larger – 31.5cm x 48.5cm

★ fox with balloons – 18cm x 33cm

★ penguin on the moon – 19cm x 11cm

★ penguin with balloons – 26cm x 7 cm

Sizes of individual elements – small pattern:

★ polar bear with balloons smaller – 7.5cm x 18cm

★ polar bear with balloons larger – 16cm x 24cm

★ fox with balloons – 9cm x 16.5 cm

★ penguin on the moon – 9.5cm x 5.5cm

The pictures show the large pattern.

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    The wallpaper is sold by the square metre. To order the correct number of metres, measure the wall area (or part of it) and complete the width and height fields in the calculator above. The result you get will be the number of metres you need for your space. There are two types of wallpaper to choose from –  non-woven or on polyester fabric.

    The non-woven wallpaper is printed on highest-quality matt material based on cellulose and non-woven polyester fabric, bonded together with a latex binder. The wallpaper is certified by the National Hygiene Institute and free from PVC, heavy metals and solvents. The cellulose used to manufacture the product is FSC certified. The product is certified as non-combustible, complies with the requirements of the European Union (CE marking) and is 100% safe for children.

    The polyester fabric wallpaper is of the highest quality, conforming to the requirements of the European Union and meeting many ISO standards. The wallpaper does not contain PVC harmful to health and the environment and is odourless and safe to use in children’s rooms. Thanks to its canvass structure, it is straightforward to keep clean (washable). Its most important features are steam-permeability, simplicity of application, and colour intensity.

    What is the difference between non-woven wallpaper and polyester fabric wallpaper?

    Non-woven wallpaper is a 100% natural product, ecological due to its natural properties – it gently falls into beige (wallpaper colours are very slightly dimmed), suitable for delicate cleaning, is odourless, has a PZH certificate. It is smooth and matt.

    Polyester wallpaper is a synthetic product, but it does not contain harmful PVC. It has a high white index, so the colour reproduction is high. In the case of dirt, it is cleanable and odourless. Polyester wallpaper has a canvass texture.

    Order a sample of this wallpaper

    By ordering samples of our wallpaper, you receive a set of three pieces:
    ★ full-scaled wallpaper pattern up to 25x25cm size,
    ★ two sections of the pattern in a 1:1 scale.

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