Polar Space blue sticker

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The moon, planets, rockets, balloons, animals… So much going on against the starry sky! The presented wall sticker will bring a substitute of the cosmos into the room, which is sure to stimulate children’s imagination and help develop creativity. What’s more, it will make your little one start the day in a beautiful environment! Therefore, it is an ideal choice not only for small lovers of astrology and celestial bodies, but also for all small aesthetes. 🙂

The sticker is available in three color options – blue, beige and navy blue.

The wall sticker is part of the Polar Cosmos collection, painted by Polish artist @issmueler.

There are three sizes of stickers to choose from.

★ S – 75cm (H) x 75cm (W) wheel alone – shipped in one piece.
★ M – 100cm (H) x 100cm (W) wheel alone – shipped in one piece.
★ L – 150cm (H) x 150cm (W) circle alone – due to the size, the sticker consists of two parts that need to be joined together.

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  • Description

    Stickers are made on the highest quality polyester self-adhesive fabric, which is one hundred percent safe and child-friendly (can be used in children’s rooms as well as nurseries and kindergartens). Each is produced in our own printing plant, directly after the order is placed. This means that the acrylic-based adhesive covering the sticker is fresh, so it bonds perfectly to the substrate.

    Note, before applying the sticker, please read the instructions for the sticker. substrate preparation. See the application instructions for our stickers.

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