Personalized growth tape measure Rabbit Basia


A beautiful measuring tape depicting a bunny named Basia (you know her mostly from stickers). Measures not only fulfill their functional role, but are also an amazing decoration and souvenir. We are sure that our pets will become the best companions of every child’s daily life, and parents will be very happy to use it and watch the development of their child.

When placing an order, it is necessary to provide the following data in the comments: the child’s name, date of birth, weight and body length. It is possible to order a measure without metric data, in which case please enter “measure without data”.

Our tape measure measures a child’s height from 30 to 150 cm. So it will be perfect from birth to even 12 years (depending on the height 🙂 ) The height of the whole measure is 100 x 28 cm.


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    We make growth measures on thick matte adhesive film with canvas type structure. The material is 100 percent safe and child-friendly, sourced through sustainable, organic production. Each measure is produced in our own printing plant, directly after the order is placed. This means that the acrylic-based adhesive covering the sticker is fresh, so it bonds perfectly to the substrate.

    Note, please read the instructions on substrate preparation before applying the sticker.

    The environment is not indifferent to us

    By choosing Dekorillo, you are also doing your part for the environment. All our products are printed on PZH-approved film, using inks that do not contain environmentally harmful substances. The stickers are shipped in a biodegradable tube.