Her Majesty’s Owl Sticker

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She is dignified, serious and with a crown on her head, as befits a queen. All day long she observes life around her. He enjoys watching the children wake up in the morning, play during the day , and fall asleep politely in the evening. At night, he watches over their peaceful sleep.

The sticker will work well in the room of both girls and boys. It will look good above the desk, right next to the floor rail or above the furniture – depending on the size you choose (they are listed below). It all depends on your imagination! The sticker does not have a white border, so it will look great on any wall color.




    The sticker is available in three sizes:

    ★ S – (W x H) – 40cm x 60cm (the given size includes the whole sticker – the owl including the crown)

    ★ M – (W x H) – 65cm x 97cm (the size given includes the entire sticker – the owl including the crown)

    ★ L – (W x H) – 100m x 149cm (the given size includes the whole sticker – the owl including the crown)

    Stickers are made on the highest quality polyester self-adhesive fabric, which is one hundred percent safe and child-friendly (can be used in children’s rooms as well as nurseries and kindergartens). Each is produced in our own printing plant, directly after the order is placed. This means that the acrylic-based adhesive covering the sticker is fresh, so it bonds perfectly to the substrate. Sticker without shipping film.

    Note, before applying the sticker, please read the instructions for the sticker. substrate preparation