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Individualized product customization

What products can be tailored to individual requirements?

The products we offer in the Dekorillo store are made in our own machinery, so it is possible to customize them to meet individual customer requirements. Personalization can be done within almost all products in our store. Customization primarily includes preparation for a specific size, this applies to wallpaper, wall stickers and posters.

In addition, it is possible to make changes in the color scheme and layout of the graphics of individual products. For personalization in this area, please email

Can I order wallpaper with a pattern to match the bevel, knee wall, trim (wainscoting)?

With the ability to purchase wallpaper by the square meter, it is possible to adjust the size to almost any wall dimension, including a wall with a slant, a knee wall, or a paneling (wainscoting). This allows customers to purchase wallpaper in the quantity they need, and this translates into both financial savings and care for the environment (we do not create unnecessary waste).

For details, please inquire via email: or by phone at. 576 932 272.

Can I change the color of the design on a wallpaper, sticker or poster?

It is possible to personalize selected wallpaper designs, wall stickers and posters. To determine the possibilities for a specific design, please email:

How much does it cost to customize a product?

We do not charge additional fees for customizing wallpaper for a specific wall size or preparing a visualization.


What material is wallpaper printed on?

There are two types of wallpaper to choose from:

Wallpaper on polyester fabric – is a synthetic product, but does not contain harmful PVC. It has a high white index, so the color reproduction is at a high level. In case of dirt, it is cleanable and odorless. The polyester wallpaper has a canvass texture.

Fleece wallpaper – printed on the highest quality matte material made on the basis of interlining and cellulose. The wallpaper is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene and is free of PVC, heavy metals and solvents. The cellulose that was used to manufacture the product is FSC certified. The wallpaper has a certificate of non-combustibility, and complies with the requirements of the European Union (CE marking).

Attention! The wallpaper has no adhesive.

What is the difference between fleece wallpaper and wallpaper on polyester fabric?

Fleece wallpaper is a 100% natural product, ecological by its natural properties – it gently falls into beige (the colors of the wallpaper are very slightly dimmed), is suitable for gentle cleaning, is odorless, has a certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene. It is smooth and matte.

Polyester wallpaper is a synthetic product, but does not contain harmful PVC. It has a high white index, so the color reproduction is at a high level. In case of dirt, it is cleanable and odorless. The polyester wallpaper has a canvass texture.

Wallpaper on polyester fabric – visible canvass structure.

How to order a m² wallpaper through a calculator?

All wallpapers are sold by the square meter. To make an order for a specific size, select the basic parameters in the product card, ie: Type of product (fleece wallpaper or on polyester fabric), Width of solid (Width 50cm or width 100cm), Size of pattern (fine pattern or large pattern). After selecting all the options below, the area calculator is activated, where you need to enter the dimension of our wall. Dimensions for width are given in 0.5m increments, and for height in 0.1m increments. The minimum value for width is 0.5m, while for height it is 1m. In the field next to the “Add to cart” button, we specify the effort, i.e. if we have one wall to be wallpapered with the dimensions specified in the calculator, we select 1, if there are two walls, we enter the number 2 in the field.


Example order: fleece wallpaper, brite 100cm, fine pattern, wall height 2.5m, wall width 3m, we have 1 wall to wallpaper.

What is the difference between the available pattern sizes?

At Dekorillo, customers can purchase wallpaper in two variants of pattern size: fine pattern and large pattern. They differ in scaling to the dimension base. The fine pattern is a 50cm base scale, the large pattern is a 100cm base.

Depending on the design, it is possible to prepare an individual size of the design within the framework of an individual order.


An illustrative visualization of the size of the fine pattern and the large pattern on the example of the Vintage Flowers wallpaper:

What size pattern will I get on the wallpaper sample?

Customers can purchase wallpaper samples at Dekorillo. Samples are available by product type – i.e., samples of interlining wallpaper, samples of wallpaper on polyester weaving. When ordering samples of our wallpapers, the customer receives a set of three samples: a full scaled wallpaper pattern up to 25x25cm, a fragment of the fine pattern in 1:1 scale, a fragment of the large pattern in 1:1 scale.

Below is a summary of the size of the patterns on the example of the Vintage Flowers wallpaper. Wallpaper with a repeating pattern.


Below is a summary of the size of the patterns using the Idyllic Street wallpaper as an example. Mural with character fragments scaled to 280x300cm.

What should the wall preparation for wallpaper look like?

Before gluing wallpaper, prepare the substrate properly. The wall should be cleaned of dust and degreased and primed. Note that the wallpaper application can be done after approx. 2-3 weeks after the last painting.

Which wallpaper adhesive should I choose?

Both wallpaper priming granules and ready-to-use adhesive can be used for wallpaper application. Apply the adhesive only to the wall (not to the wallpaper).

How to glue the wallpaper?

Start gluing the wallpaper from the top, one brite next to the other (brites do not overlap). In the case of both interlining and polyester fabric wallpapers, we only lubricate the wall with glue.

Attention! Please make a visual inspection of the wallpaper (especially the consistency of the pattern on each strip) by spreading it on a dry, flat surface before gluing.

What are the sizes of wallpapers available at Dekorillo?

Wallpaper is sold by the square meter with a width of 50cm or 100cm (depending on the option chosen).

Where can I find a detailed wallpaper application guide?

Wall stickers – including maps and measures

On what material are the stickers ( including measures) printed?

We print the stickers on the highest quality polyester self-adhesive fabric, which is one hundred percent safe and child-friendly (can be used in children’s rooms as well as nurseries and kindergartens). Each is produced in our own printing plant, directly after the order is placed. This means that the acrylic-based adhesive covering the sticker is fresh, so it bonds perfectly to the substrate. We never print “for stock.” We produce stickers -with and -without transport film. We use the transport film most often for thin items on the sticker pattern or on maps. Its use ensures that a “more complicated” sticker can be applied without any problems.

What should the preparation of the substrate look like?

The surface to which the sticker is applied must be cleaned of dust, grease and other contaminants that could adversely affect the sticking of the sticker. Keep in mind that the application must not take place immediately after painting the wall – wait approx. 28 days. As a result of the use of various varnishes and paints on the walls, it is worth conducting a test before applying the sticker, before the final application of the film, which will determine whether the film will work.

Before sticking the sticker, it is a good idea to prepare yourself a squeegee or cloth to make the job easier. We recommend that you allow the stickers to spread out on a flat surface after removing them from the package.

On what surface do stickers stick best?

Stickers have the best adhesion to walls painted with acrylic paints. We do not recommend sticking stickers on walls covered with latex paint. The stickers will also stick perfectly on flat surfaces like a window or mirror.

Where can I find a detailed sticker application guide?

Discount coupons and promotions

How to activate a discount coupon?

If you have a discount coupon and want to use it, after adding products to your cart, enter the coupon text in the “Coupon Code” field and confirm with the “Apply Coupon” button. The value of the basket will decrease by the value of the coupon.


Coupon field on the Cart page


Coupon field on the Order page

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