Fairytale Unicorn Collection

Welcome to the magical land of unicorns!

Did you know that according to legend, unicorns knew the speech of elves and other forest creatures? They are the inhabitants of fairy tale lands, whose magical horn was said to have the ability to heal.

Unicorns are gentle, good and beautiful creatures, adored by many little girls. It was their uniqueness that inspired the beautiful “Fairytale Unicorn” collection, which was painted by Polish artist Ewa Mąka.

  • Unicorn with friends wallpaper

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  • Fairytale Unicorn – sticker set

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Colors in interior design play an important role

They can optically enlarge or diminish a room, and the additions can add charm or introduce unnecessary chaos. To make it easier to arrange the toddler’s space, we have prepared color palettes of our wallpapers, so it will be easier to match additional elements in similar colors.

How to combine colors?

The basic principle is to choose shades of similar colors. If the theme is yellow, so it is worth using its lighter or darker form when arranging. However, be sure to choose a maximum of three colors.

On the other hand, we get a complementary look by combining complementary colors (that is, colors that complement each other. They are opposite each other in the “color wheel”) or using the so-called. triad. They consist of three colors 120 degrees apart on the color wheel, creating harmonious compositions.

We encourage you to use the “Color Wheel” when arranging your rooms, which will allow you to perfectly match matching colors. One of the tools available is Adobe Color, which you can use here.


Children love to work together, so if you have the opportunity, include your toddler (or older child ? ) in the project. Fun is guaranteed, and the satisfaction of a self-decorated space is even greater!